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The Divide - Elizabeth Kay I will be passing it along to my youngest niece for her read and us to discuss later. :)

6/24/13 - I finished this book a few weeks ago and glad I did. I will admit when I started reading it, it was a bit slow moving, but once I got through the slower parts I found myself really liking it! It was a nice little escape, obviously an easy read, but fun.

The world created by Elizabeth Kay was magical. I would agree with some of the other reviews that said it seemed a bit 'text bookish' at times, but I think overall it helped the reader understand the world of Betony, her family and friends and how Felix reacts to it.

To summarize - Felix is a young boy with a heart condition and is diagnosed as terminal. His parents take him on vacation and he slips away to the "Divide" and has an episode and passes out...he typically wakes up to his parents hovering over him, but not this time. He awakes and realizes he is not on vacation in Costa Rica anymore, he wasn't even in his 'world'. He meets a few creatures he has thought of as myths, such a Brazzle (Griffin) and a Brittlehorn (unicorn). Finally, he meets Betony, calling herself a tangle-child (elf). The two start on a journey to find a cure for Felix. A friendship grows between him and Betony. Through the journey they meet interesting characters that help them find a book with a possible cure for Felix. Friendships between mythical beasts and the children develop as well. During the adventure they come across an evil japegrin (pixie) with a hidden agenda of selling untested potions that are harming those taking it. The twists and turns makes for a fun, interesting read.

I'm passing this on to my 10 year old niece and will update the review once she reads it.