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Zor - J.B. J.B. writes a wonderful smart read with two 'draw you in' main characters, John and Zor. Zor seems to be the guidance we all seek, even if we don't want to hear everything he has to say, we still crave the information. I think sometimes we get so focused on daily routines and short term 'get through the day' goals we lose sight of our dreams. Zor has many explanations for this; negative energy, placing focus in the wrong place, deal don't dwell, etc. I liked his view of being like children. Zor explains when we are young we surround ourselves of what we want to be and where we want to go, but as we grow older we lose that focus and switch it to where we have been.

John and Zor discuss many philosophies and philosophers while sitting in John's favorite escape/bar, Jakes. I don't believe John realized he was seeking Zor or needed to hear what Zor had to say, but he did. John states that Zor ruined his life, when in fact he made John live. I will read this story again and I'm sure I will realize new insights. This is not new information, but the way J.B. has Zor explain it clicked with me. It's simple; stop focusing on the gas gauge that is on empty and just put some gas in the darn thing.

I recommend reading this book in silence giving yourself plenty of space and time to reflect. I wrote down many quotes from this book, one of my favorites is "Mankind doesn't think in terms of creating happiness, we think in terms of eliminating unhappiness."